Meet Batman at the Casino

Usually, people rely on the theme of the game to help them predict the kind of satisfaction that they will get from it. With a Batman slot machine, you get to play a captivating game that has a progressive jackpot while enjoying the characters from the much loved movie.

The game is unique in the sense that it offers up to 243 ways of winning and does not come with any paylines. It is not however not a reserve of the well moneyed players; for a 0.01 value you can place a bet. There are more than 1.5 million coins that are up for grabs when you start playing. The more you all fail to win, the more the value increases.

The Wild feature of the game is Batman. It also features the Joker icon which adds to the fun that you can draw from the game. With a wild card and scatter symbols you even have better chances of hitting a good jackpot. The scatter symbols can give you a lot of free spins that will be instrumental in bagging a win. The Batman slot machines are usually crowded by gamers who are keen on using the free spins awards to add onto their chances of leaving the casino with a smile to boot. The multiplier that comes along is also another feature that you can explore to emerge victorious.

Bonus games are also another avenue that can lead you to win big. Moreover, you will be in the environment of the prowess of Batman which means you will be well entertained.